About Us

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as the importers and distributors of German microbrewery equipment. We are representing Speidels-Braumeister in India.

The Microbreweries are revolutionizing India's Scene. India has seen a spike in craft sales in recent years as consumers are becoming open to trying different varieties of fresh. More and more are people looking for quality but sourcing brewing equipment and hiring brewers remains difficult and expensive for pub owners in India.

To participate in the expansion of this emerging market and to make microbrewery affordable for pub owners and home brewers. EasyBrew has tied up with a German company to present you a range of affordable options.

The Braumeister comes in 10L, 20L, 50L, 200L (2 HL), 500L (5 HL) and 1000L (10 HL) versions.

It is simple, clean, compact, easy to use and requires very less space for operations. It uses a single-vessel system and is automatic, so you have a production under control and the lowest cost per litre. You can produce any style in this system. It displays complete information and automatically performs up to 10 recipes for brewing, following the exact times and temperatures. It can be operated by one person.

The equipment follows all European requirements for efficiency.