Ask not what Wine has done for you but rather what you are willing to do for some Wine.
The little black one
(625 – 1000 litres)

Wine was already aged in egg-shaped amphorae in ancient times. In recent years, fermentation has been tested in various forms in viticulture. We have now developed a stainless steel fermenter that combines the advantages of the egg shape with the advantages of a stainless steel tank and a unique design. The Black Eye looks like a space satellite from the outside and provides a gentle and well controllable fermentation inside.

Due to its unique shape, the yeast can circulate smoothly during the fermentation phase. In science it is assumed that this free circulation is an advantage for the fermentation process and thus for the entire aroma spectrum. In contrast to a concrete fermentation barrel, our Black Eye guarantees the necessary hygiene. Thanks to the perfect welding seams and the highly smooth inner walls, the fermenting chamber is also very easy to clean.
Red Wine Mash Tank/Variable Capacity Storage Tank FO-M
Two tanks in one – Starting 1100 litres
Red wine mash fermentation tank with oak shell FD-MKEH
Starting 1100 litres

Over 100 years of experience in oak barrel production

Since we began making wooden barrels over 100 years ago Speidel’s latest developments have benefited from our multi-generational experience: the FD-MKEH tank unites all the advantages of a Speidel tank with the characteristics of a real oak barrel.

The respiration and perfect temperature equalisation guaranteed by the tank’s wooden shell permits a sensory balancing of the aroma. The connection of oak and stainless steel creates a significant improvement in quality.

The unique groove joint connection of oak and stainless steel guarantees two things: you will obtain better wines and be able to enjoy this Speidel-made 'gem' for many years to come.

The red wine mash fermentation tank with oak shell comes with a mash bottom outlet and a hinged door. The bottom outlet is made of stainless steel and – in contrast to tanks that are entirely made of wood – guarantees easier draining and cleaning.
You bet this one works!

The mobile plunger complements the red wine mash tank FO-M perfectly. Some of our customers have several FO-Ms and one mobile plunger that can be used for all of them.

The mobile plunger is equipped with a floating lid for reliable sealing and with the well-tried Speidel immersion system for the gentle mash processing in flexible use. It can be moved with a forklift and needs to be fixed with a fastener made of stainless steel.

Regulation is carried out either by means of a time- / interval control system or by means of a manual on / off system.
Red wine mash flooder FD-MÜ
Starting 3300 litres

Speidel’s FD-MÜ is an upright standing red wine mash fermentation tank with a simple but efficient technology. After the fermentation has started and a marc cake has formed about half of the content is discharged into an interim tank. The marc cake descends to the ground, breaks into pieces and is 'opened' by a system of rods.

Afterwards the juice is pumped in again via a self-rotating sprinkling system and the smashed marc cake is flooded. The pigments are washed out. This procedure is repeated several times. The principle of the 'remontage' or reassembly has been practised successfully all over the world.