Plastic Tanks



Available in 30, 65 & 120 litres

• The Kellermeister is a conical tank which is ideal for unpresurized fermentation.
• Due to its special design, the yeast collects in the cone and can be harvested and used again.
• Fermented beer can be tapped off at the clear beer outflow and racked.
• Its lid with dipping edge acts as a fermentation lock, a separate airlock is not necessary.
• The Kellermeister is made of food safe polyethylene. Due to its smooth inner surface it is very easy to clean

fermentation egg

Fermentation Egg

Available in 60, 250, 600

The fermentation egg is appropriate for the fermentation of wine, beer and cider. Fans and devotees of the fermentation egg confirm that the fermentation process runs spontaneous, therefore wine and beer taste more filigree and complex.

Check it out and convince yourselves! Our food-safe polyethylenes have high permeability of oxygen. This ensures the evenly influence of oxygen and perfect conditions for the fermentation and maturation. It is very easy to clean the egg because of its smooth surface inside.

plastic fermenting vessels

Plastic fermenting vessels

Available in 12, 20, 30, 60, 120 litres

• The »original« beverage container
• Tried and trusted for decades
• Thick-walled for the best, long-lasting aroma
• Made in Germany
• Certified food safe
• Robust carrying handles